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Cloakroom Furnishing:


Its fair to say that cloakrooms are problematic areas at the best of times! Especially when the seasons change and children bring in coats and clothing either damp or wet. There are varying solutions available, depending on the year group and environment. We can supply lockers or open/closed carcases, utilising hooks or bag storage requirements where required.


Other factors often need to be considered in respect of clearance through thoroughfares and fire regulations.  All this can be incorporated and designed into options for the clients consideration. Materials need to be specified accordingly, if located in corridor areas to assist in the prevention of fire spread between fire zones.


Ballen Panels can offer a number of solutions for cloakroom environments, wether it's located in a corner of the classroom, in the corridor outside each class, or a dedicated central cloakroom within specific area's. All areas and options can be assessed and reviewed with appropriate Risk Assessments. 


Should you require a visit from Kevin to discuss your design requirements, please do not hesitate to contact our office to make an appointment.

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